Jamele Favorite

Jamele Favorite

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Lansing, Michigan & moved to the west side of the state after high school.

What was the first wine experience you remember?

For me, my first exposure and wine experience happened just a few years ago when my wife, Katie, some friends, and I went up to Traverse City with and stopped at the wineries along Old Mission Peninsula. That’s where I had my first real type of exposure and experience to wine.

Who introduced you to wine?

Honestly, it was my wife! She had started drinking red wine while my friends and I were still ordering cheap drinks at the bar. Then, I started seeing some of my favorite basketball players, such as Dwyane Wade drink wine, and I began looking into it a little more.

How did you come to the wine industry?

At the height of covid, one of my best friends, Darryl and I started a podcast called Music in the Bottle. We open up bottles of wine and talk about life, music, and anything else that piques our interest. I interviewed Andrew at Modales for the podcast and eventually started working in the tasting room shortly after. This past Fall, I had the opportunity to work the harvest at one of Napa’s historic wineries, Heitz Cellar. There are so many facets to this industry, and I’m happy to be in it!

What is your favorite thing about Modales Wines?

From the winemaking process to the personalities in the tasting room, I love how expressive we are, everyone is able to express themselves and their love for grapes. We’re not focused on being someone else or imitating anyone, but simply just letting every part of the winery be expressive in itself.

What is your “wine type?”

My wine journey started with me enjoying Cabernet Sauvignon. But as my early journey into the world of wine is beginning to take shape, I’ve found myself enjoying a lot more. Every wine does have its time to shine. What’s currently shining more often than not these days are Pet-Nat’s and Gruner Veltliner.

How do you enjoy wine? With certain foods? In certain settings?

For me, it’s all about the people I’m sharing a bottle with. Whether it’s my wife, on the podcast, or with friends, those moments with the bottle almost dictate how much I enjoy it more than how it tastes.