Our Story


Every Vine, Every Guest, Treasured.


Experience a working winery from vine to glass. Experience Modales.

At Modales, we hand-craft our wines long before grapes appear on the vine. The perfect glass begins with understanding the soil – its uniqueness and vibrance – and meticulously caring for it to set the stage for rich, flavorful fruit.

We pair low-intervention winemaking and with exceptional hospitality, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor to the fullest.

Built over a century ago, the house sitting on our vineyard was home to one of the earliest families established here. These pioneers filled the land with peach and cherry orchards, and over the years, nearly 26 acres of grape vines were planted.

In 2014, Jim and Carol Gonzalez purchased the vineyard, partnered with viticulturist Todd Robbins and winemaker Andrew Backlin, and set out to create serious wines in the footsteps of generations of Michigan fruit-growers.

Many of our customers have insisted that Michigan cannot create a stand-out red wine. By the end of their experience in our tasting room, they’re carting bottles of reds and whites to share.

Our selection of dry, concentrated wines, elegant sweet wines and our off-dry Riesling tell truth: Without cheap tricks or heavy cellar intervention, ultra premium wine comes from a deep respect for the fruit. It comes from paying close attention, taking artistic risks, practicing patience and having faith.

Glacial sandy soil, climate, and time capture the stories of our historic vineyard with each vintage. We treat every grapevine as an individual and take pride in the sense of place that our small-batch Fennville wines express.

Located in the heart of the Fennville American Viticulture Area in Michigan, Modales offers estate-grown bottles of elegant red and white wines. Ooba focuses on whimsical canned wine and cider. We’re here to bring you a winery experience to be treasured in every way.