Here at Modales we believe that wine should be a time capsule of the elements of the season in which it was grown; the sun, the dirt, the rain, and the hands that tended the vines throughout the year, and the people pouring their passion into them. Our ethos, when it comes to our winemaking style is primum non nocere. First do no harm. We apply this by using minimal intervention in the cellar, letting the vineyard define the style rather than forcing the wine to be something that it is not. We achieve this by minimizing artificial or unnecessary additives, utilizing native flora when we can, employing extended lees aging and bottling unfined and unfiltered when we can. Our wines are raised in a way in which they tell us when they are ready to go to bottle, after they’ve had the time to mature and develop. We hope that when you open a bottle of our wine you can taste the weather, the terrain and all the hard work that went into making that bottle.


From the beginning, our goal has been to change the non-believer into a believer. It has been quoted by many of our customers that Michigan can not create a stand out, great red wine. By the end of their experience in our Tasting Room they are leaving with bottles of red and white to share with their friends. We have a product that is truly amazing, and our patrons have become our biggest champions.

Michigan wine, to many consumers in Michigan and beyond, is viewed as sweet fruit wines. At Modales, we are creating serious wines that make it clear that Michigan can make world class wines. Our selection of dry, concentrated white and red wines sets us apart from a majority of wineries in Michigan. We are using our estate-grown fruit inside the Fennville AVA, which is hard to say for most wineries. This gives us two different soils in the same climate which highlights the uniqueness of the Fennville AVA cherries, blueberries, and more.

Our focus is on getting the processes right, and the resulting quality is evident. It takes patience, risk and faith.

We offer an experience that matches the quality of our wines by inviting you to visit our estate with fantastic views and knowledgeable sales associates.

Modales is a wonderful mix of people from inside and outside of the wine industry, and each one contributes unique perspectives with the authenticity of those who care. We are very fortunate to have great owners that believe in their employees, and who treat everyone as family.