Jim & Carol Gonzalez

Jim & Carol Gonzalez

Where did you grow up? Texas, El Paso / Desert and dry part of Texas

What was the first wine experience you remember? In my home. I had a salesman come in to host a Wine Party for friends. Sampling and discussion of vine and its their attributes.

Who introduced you to wine? Cannot remember.

How did you come to the wine industry? Carol and I were involved with farming, including growing soybeans and corn for many years. We diversified from Corn and Soybean Farming to being involved in growing grapes for wine. And slowly, we improved the vineyard we purchased to grow the best grapes we could with the best person we could find, Todd Robbins.

What is your favorite thing about Modales Wines? Its elegance, its quality , the outstanding recognition of the wines. The smiles its brings to people faces

What is your “wine type?” I am the type that will continue to be involved in this industry, striving to make the best wines possible, and working with the most talented group of employees possible (family)

How do you enjoy wine? With certain foods? In certain settings? Enjoy wine slowly, savoring all aspects of wine, smell, look, texture, taste, etc. Enjoying wine in all areas that enhance the tasting experience, whether it’s inside, outside, any type of weather, sunny, rain days. Enjoying and experimenting with all foods and seeing how one wine can affect the experience of the meal.