Jim & Carol Gonzalez

Jim & Carol Gonzalez

Where did you grow up?

Jim – El Paso, Texas
Carol – Park Ridge, Illinois

Who introduced you to wine? What was your first wine experience….?

Jim – When I was in my 20’s I attended a Wine Party with friends, where a salesperson came to the house and we tasted several wines as he discussed their attributes and how to properly taste wines.

Carol – When I was in college, the parents of one of my friends always served wine with dinner. I forced myself to drink it.

(Both) – After our children reached adulthood, we began visiting wineries during our travels around the country and became more educated and discerning about wine.

How did you come to the wine industry?

(Both) – We were involved with farming soybeans and corn for many years in Illinois. After we moved to Michigan, we decided to change direction and grow grapes, and we purchased the vineyard in Glenn.  Thanks to our partner Todd Robbins, whose expertise was instrumental in all aspects of this endeavor, we became more educated in the grape industry and making wine.

What is your favorite thing about Modales?

(Both) – The quality of our wines, the welcoming environment of our tasting room, the beauty of our vineyards.  It has always been important to us to honor the farmers who grew fruit before us, both in Fennville and on both of our vineyards, as we strive to maintain the integrity of the land.  But most importantly, our favorite thing about Modales is our talented and committed staff. 

What is your wine type?

Jim – I’ve never met a wine I haven’t liked.
Carol – I prefer dry wines, mostly reds.

How do you enjoy wine? Foods, settings

(Both) We enjoy wine with friends, with a meal, and in a beautiful setting like Modales.  We always enjoy wine the best when we are together!