Bryan Shelton CSW

Bryan Shelton CSW

Where did you grow up?

My family moved around a lot when I was younger due to my father being in the Air Force but I usually say that I grew up outside of Chicago in Naperville, IL since that is where I finished Junior High and High School.

What was the first wine experience you remember?

The absolute first wine experience I can remember is my dad letting me have a sip of his BV Cabernet Sauvignon when I was 6 or 7 years old. I remember declaring I would never drink wine again. But the first experience that shaped my love for wine was working in a local wine shop to help put myself through college. Tasting the breadth and depth of wine that is out in the world was a big eye-opening experience.

Who introduced you to wine?

My first Wine Manager, Brian Steves, was the person that first showed me how many facets there are to the wine industry, and started my education in earnest.

How did you come to the wine industry?

Like many people that end up in the wine industry, I didn’t start out with the goal of ending up here but now would not want to be anywhere else. My first passion in life was flying planes, but when that no longer was an option I found my way to Total Wine in Tampa, FL, and leveraged my small amount of knowledge into a position at their store down there. After that, I made my way to St. Louis, MO with Total Wine and then was able to find a place at Noboleis Vineyards in Augusta, MO where I was able to help grow their wine club and on-premise educational events.

What is your favorite thing about Modales Wines?

That Andrew and the team don’t force the wine into any specific style but let the grapes express themselves naturally. Which yields beautifully well-balanced wine that transports people back to the vineyard with every sip.

What is your “wine type?”

I firmly believe every wine has its time and place. From sweet Moscato d’Asti to incredibly tannic Tannat from Uruguay. That being said an elegant Pinot Noir seems to be what finds its way into my glass more often than not.

How do you enjoy wine? With certain foods? In certain settings?

I enjoy wine the most while sitting around a full table of amazing food, friends, and family. Usually with multiple different bottles open for the group to enjoy.