COVID-19 Response and Requirements

Last update June 27th

Our first priority at Modales Wines is the health and safety of our staff and that of our customers. We are making every effort to put in place and thoroughly implement procedures to combat Coronavirus at our facility. 

  • All of our staff have been trained on safe service practices including sanitization, social distancing, and minimal touch points. 
  • We require that all staff and customers wear face masks when moving about, but customers can remove them while seated at their table.
  • We allow only one person or one family in each restroom at any time.
  • We have built discreet, self-contained touchless Hand Washing Stations for everyone’s use, and placed them right on the patio.  
  • All tables are spaced more than 6 feet apart, and we have built mobile partitions to create intimacy and avoid airborne drift.
  • We have opened a Drive-In Tasting Space on our lawn so customers don’t even need to leave their car if they prefer.
  • We offer Curbside Service, which is touch-less if you order online.

As much as we have planned, tested, adapted, and continue testing, the specifics of what you may experience is proving to be an evolution.  Even though we are in the fortunate position to provide safe and excellent service, we recommend that you make a reservation so that we can provide the best possible experience.